Coffee Party Austin changes its name to Common Ground for Texans

In February 2013, it became clear to the Coffee Party Austin board that we needed to change our name for several reasons:

  • we are often misconstrued as the political opposite of the Tea Party
  • we are non-partisan and work with organizations across party lines
  • we are not a political party
  • we would like to transition from an Austin to a state-wide organization

Our principles haven't changed

  • we seek trans-partisanship
  • we incite civil discourse and reason
  • we seek positive solutions to what could be contentious issues
  • we value participation, transparency and accountability
  • we call for grassroots action

Our focus hasn't changed

  • we seek ways to decrease or eliminate the corrupting influence of money in our politic system
  • we seek comprehensive immigration reform

In March 2013 we sought rebranding suggestions (new name and logo) from our followers. Soon thereafter we announced our new name: Common Ground for Texans (CG4Tx).We think this name better represents our desire to bring people together to discuss, in a civil manner, some of the difficult issues of our day. We filed the appropriate paperwork with the Texas Secretary of State and the IRS and are awaiting approval.

The Common Ground for Texans website is evolving and can be found at either or Stay tuned, and visit often.