Unique and Fun Dating Ideas

Unique and Fun Dating Ideas

Dating is always overrated. Some thought that a good date is something expensive, classy, and romantic. On the other hand, there are many ways to make your date unique, fun, and loaded with memories to keep. A date doesn’t have to be extravagant to get appreciated, sometimes, the bond between the two people makes the big difference no matter where or what types of date you have.

20 Surprisingly Unique and Fun Dating Ideas

  1. Hit the jackpot in the arcade – go zombie shooting, play classic fighting games, catch a plush toy in a crane, and never forget to hit the jackpot.
  2. Go for an adventure in an escape room – discover how well you two will solve problems and obstacles.
  3. Sunrise watching – try to date your partner as early as 4 in the morning and watch as the sun rises and go breakfast together.
  4. Play truth or dare – know your partner’s weakness and strength using a fun game.
  5. Enjoy a day in an amusement park – go roller coaster ride together, holding hands add up the excitement!
  6. Visit a boring museum – turn the boredom into fun and grow as you learn together.
  7. A day at the zoo – you’ll never know what you can learn from the animals’ habit when it comes to relationships.
  8. Hit the road on a mini road trip – it is a wonderful experience to travel together and discover new places and delicious delicacies.
  9. Jump in a trampoline park – jump your heart out with your partner and you will have loads of fun together.
  10. Join in a workshop – discover each other’s passion and join in.
  11. Have a date on the gym – it is nice to stay healthier and fit together.
  12. Rock-climbing wall activity – bring adventures to your date and make it extraordinary.
  13. Make a DIY together – think of an important thing that both of you can use and upcycle an old furniture or other things into something that both of you will love.
  14. Take turns in reading a romance book at the library – spark up your date and feel the excitement as you read chapter by chapter.
  15. Unlimited karaoke singing – sing your heart loud and don’t worry if you are not a good singer, just go crazy together in a karaoke.
  16. Stargazing on the beach – lay down on your back and watch the sky, it will turn the mood into a romantic atmosphere.
  17. Have a fun and laugh out loud in a comedy bar show – nothing beats laughter.
  18. Hot air balloon ride – go high in the sky together and talk about your dreams.
  19. Food trips in a night market – find each other’s favorite and try new and weird cuisine together.
  20. Rock a date with a concert – it may be loud but don’t mind, jam together and have a wonderful night.

These fun dating ideas may not work with everyone. You have to try what will work for you and your partner. Each date is an adventure and you have to discover your partner’s interests. The most important part of a date is to have fun and create special memories that will last forever.


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