What are the sexiest occupations to women?

What are the sexiest occupations to women?

Have you imagine yourself wearing the uniform of your dream job? Doctor’s lab gown, a police officer’s uniform, an accountant or business attire and the like? It’s really a big thing for women to be on their job that makes their passion for work worthwhile.

Women now a day, cannot just sit down, chill and relax on the four corner of the house. Staying at home, doing the household chores all day long and watch over the kids and let their husband do the “work’ thing is not in the line today. They are not there for display only, because for them, they still have purpose to work on too.

Some preference of men about women is their occupation. Some of them said that the godliness of women also depends on their work or type of occupations. Through this, we come up to the question about what are the top career or occupations can women have that made them look even more sexy and godly? Listed below are some work perks a woman can have that made the sexy.


One of the noblest jobs a person could have. Respected and intelligent women are in. Likewise, men are greatly attractive to very educated women. This kind of work has a great impact for men for they find teacher submissive and flexible. A women who knows how to handle circumstances very well and make things right are one of the few things that makes them sexier for men.

Police Officer.

This work is not good only for men. Women are versatile that they can still have this kind of work which is commonly seen to men. Nevertheless, more men find strong and powerful woman who can kick some serious butt very sexy.


A very sophisticated career of a woman that makes them very confident and very trustworthy is also on the list. In connection, these characteristics of being an accountant make them liked by men, and so finding a woman whom they can trust with their money is a kind of win-win situation.

Flight attendant.

Tall, pretty, charming, almost perfect, this would best describe this job. Men can’t get enough to female flight attendants most especially if they are wearing their uniforms. This entails the thought of how caring and comforting they are to the passenger.


Creative mind is very appealing to men, as well as being too confident of women would gladly meet the criteria of men of being sexy. Outspoken and driven women are very assertive to the point they will surely hit the balls of men.


Powerful women make them sexy. For men, it’s obviously one of the characteristics that a woman needed to have. Though we all know, men have this kind of “authoritarian” skills, which powerful women for them are very rare. A great attorney is loyal, hardworking and smart these things made women attractive also.

Listed above are the most common occupations for women that make them sexier. On the other hand, being sexy in work refers to how you deal your life towards work. Dedication, hard work and perseverance are the elements of having a noble job.


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